Application of intelligent LED bathroom mirror

- 2021-05-10-

The Smart LED Bathroom Mirror is an interactive, intelligent display device that combines the Android operating system with the smart home.

The mirrors can act as a "one-stop" display for everything from listening to music to checking weather preparations.

So can the intelligent bathroom mirror be placed in the bathroom where there is often water?

The whole system consists of an Android tablet that provides the interface and proximity sensors that detect if the user is touching the mirror. The mirror can sense and intelligently display information without the user actually touching the mirror.

Users can view different functions by holding their hands near different parts of the mirror.

In this way, it was avoided to touch the mirror with your fingers and make it dirty. Because of the power supply inside the bathroom mirror, a lot of people worry that they will be touched with water and enter it. In fact, they do not need to worry about it, because the intelligent bathroom mirror is waterproof. The smart bathroom mirror on the market can add anti-fogging function.